About Me

Hi I'm Matt and I try hard in video games such as Among Us and Roblox. When I grow up, my adult plan is to become a docter.
My hobbbies include breakdancing, sequencing music, playing piano and video games, draw, and swimming.

Why I like coding

I want and like to code because I can solve techical problems
for people who have... well technical problems;
and teach more and more kids to code as life goes on

Music I listened throughout my life

First when I was just a little kid, I listened to classical music
then two years later I for some reason liked K-Pop...
then seven years later, I was like 11 or something. When I first discovered Alan Walker's music,
it inspired me to do anything that is possible. Alan Walker always
says five words that can make all of our determination active: You are not alone.

My Favortite things to do

I like playing video games. Some reasons are:

  1. When I rage, I throw my gaming chair across the room
  2. It can get your adreneline pumping (Gamer style)
  3. You can train your hand eye coordination
  4. I like to be overconfident iin coding that I have things under control but then everything is broken because:

  1. I'm an idiot
  2. I'm also I'm kind of stupid
  3. I have ADHD and have a small brain so I always get overconfident
  4. I like to hang out with friends. These erasons include

  1. overwriting my boredom
  2. I play video games with my friends
  3. trolling my friends in Minecraft

I like to listen to music because

  1. music also makes my adreneline rushing
  2. It can make you go to sleep
  3. Music can inspire you

My profiles/websites

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  • Click here to my Online Sequencer account.
    Click here to my Pixelart account.